8:00 AM
Networking & EXPO Center

Connect with 1,000+ marketing, advertising, digital, public relations, and media professionals, as well as business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups.

9:00 AM

Opening Remarks by Jorge Bracero, SME Puerto Rico President & Edgardo M. Rivera, Chairman, SME Digital & Innovation Forum Organizing Committee

9:10 AM
2022 Digital Trends Study by Anitza M. Cox, Director, Social Analysis and Policy Division @ Estudios Técnicos, Inc.

This session will provide highlights of the study’s local data about trends and changes in the digital behavior of the Puerto Rican consumer, focusing on areas such as online shopping, crypto currencies, sharing economy, gaming, content consumption, app use, most visited sites, influencers, social media & social communities engagement, among others.

10:15 AM
Multi-World Marketing: Brand Relevance for Gen-Z and Beyond by Gavin Cheng, CEO @ DDB FTW Worldwide. Presented by DDB Latina Puerto Rico.

For over a century, brands have told their stories to one big, beautiful world. That was a luxury, because right now a billion humans are coming together in fantastic new realities. Call it gaming or the metaverse, but one thing is certain: brands need to be where people are, and today they are in multiple worlds, and this will be the focus of Cheng’s presentation.

10:50 AM
The Future of the Store Post Pandemic  - Ervin Flores, SVP, Retail and Consumer Goods @ Salesforce. Presented by Liberty.

The post pandemic era is here, and the role of the store and store associates has been redefined. Ervin will share trends and learnings for executives to better define their strategies on how to retain shoppers, maximize impact and retain talent. He will go over the relationship between e-commerce, the evolution of the physical store, and Web 3.0.

11:40 AM
SME Digital Awards: eCommerce, Media & Creative Data

Award winners will be announced for these three categories.

12:10 PM
Lunch Sessions:
Digital Maturity by Luisa Fernanda Vásquez, Account Manager Colombia, Centroamérica y Caribe & Brenda García, Agency Development Manager @ Google.  Presented by: Growth Digital

With this session Google seeks to make the audience aware of the importance of developing its digital assets and strategies with excellence, how to do it, and the impact that this can generate in achieving your business objectives. We'll cover measurement overviews, tactical activation tips, and regional success stories.

1:30 PM
Future-Proofing your Digital Marketing Strategy in a Cookieless World  by Lana Warner, Director, Partnerships & Client Strategy @ Lotame. Presented by Digo Hispanic Media

Third-party cookie deprecation, privacy regulation changes, disconnected data - marketers are facing an avalanche of challenges in meeting customers where they are. How can you focus on the future with so many present-day roadblocks? Join Lana Warner for this deep dive into the state of advertising today and strategies to future proof your business. This keynote presentation will cover insights, best practices, and real-world examples of cookieless strategies in action today.

2:15 PM
SME Digital Awards: Execution

Mobile, Video & Innovative use of Technology award winners will be announced.

2:45 PM
Digital Revolution: Uses & Utilities for NFTs by Shirley McPhaul, Director @ Crypto Curious | PRBTA. Presented by Ometrika.

During this presentation attendees will better understand what an NFT is and why it matters. We will discuss different NFT use cases in marketing and community building. And finally, we will talk about how NFTs are being used in Puerto Rico.

3:25 PM
Break @ Networking & EXPO Center

4:00 PM
One-on-One with GMoney NFT Entrepreneur. Moderated by Juan Carlos Pedreira, Partner/DigitalStrategist @ Social Business Hub, Inc. Presented by Skootel.

4:35 PM
SME Digital Awards: Social& People’s Choice

Social Media, Branded Content, Influencer, Social Responsibility & People’s Choice award winners will be announced.

5:20 PM
Networking Happy Hour

Sponsored by Medalla Ultra Light, Absolut, Jameson, Skrewball, Mighty Swell & Don Q.  Music sponsored by SBS & LaMúsica.

*Program subject to change