One of the biggest challenges in a pandemic world has been to continue with our everyday lives. We have experienced a crisis of normalcy in our routines, work, the products we use, the places we visit. For brands and businesses, it has meant transforming the way they relate with customers to keep being present and relevant. While the need to be ever more human centric to retain loyalty is essential, most, have felt huge challenges when implementing technology-based solutions to continue connecting. To thrive in this new normal, future proofing your brand’s technology infrastructure and operating model is key. But how do we achieve balance while continuing to construct loyalty with our new and existing customers?

Join us at the 2021 SME Digital Forum 3D virtual event to make sense of these new ways of connecting people to services and brands, let our speakers help your introspective exercise and fuel the transformation efforts necessary for success moving forward.

Watch this short tutorial on how to create and use your Avatar at the event:


Kai D. Wright

Author, Speaker & Strategic
Advisor to C-suite Executives

Julieta Loaiza

VP Marketing, Communications & Corporate Affairs
Nestlé México

Jason Gaikowski

Executive Director, CX, and Global Lead of Human-centered Design

Vinicius Losacco

VP, Marketing LATAM

Carlos Jiménez

Marketing Director
Red Ventures Puerto Rico

Anitza M. Cox

Director, Social Analysis
and Policy Division
Estudios Técnicos, Inc.

Xavier Toledo

eCommerce & Digital
Marketing Manager
GSK Consumer Healthcare Leadership Team

Esteban Colón

Supermercados Econo

Francine Rodríguez

Manager - Customer Success

Damián Russo

WaveMaker Argentina

Juan Pablo Morales

CP & Creative Shop Guatemala
Cisneros Interactive

Crystal Díaz

Co Founder & Partner

Javier Alonso Escudero

Digital Marketing & Sales Corporate Director
MAPFRE - España

Declan Moore

Head of International

Cecia Cabello

Client Solutions Manager
Cisneros Interactive, Guatemala

Aisha K. Burgos

SVP Sales & Marketing
Digo Hispanic Media

Carlos Viladevall

OOH Capital

Gustavo Alvarado

Marketing Manager Colombia / Central America


The 2021 Puerto Rico Digital Trends Study will offer valuable statistical data about the digital and mobile behavioral changes of Puerto Rican consumers during the pandemic. This Study is commissioned to Estudios Técnicos, Inc. by SME Puerto Rico and its methodology includes a probabilistic sample of more than 600 people representative of Puerto Rico’s population by gender, age, geographic region, and socioeconomic level.

For companies and specially marketing, advertising, and media professionals, it provides vital information when developing digital strategies. Access the following link for more information about the type of data included and price

Who attends the SME Digital Forum?

SME Digital attendees represent a wide variety of companies such as national brands, advertising and digital agencies, service & technology providers, media and communications, startups, universities, professional associations, non-profits and much more. At this 3D virtual event you will be able to create your personal Avatar and network with CMO’s, VP’s and Directors of Marketing; Account VP’s, Directors and Executives; Strategic Planners, Creative Directors, Digital Marketers, Content Creators, PR professionals, Social Media Managers, Bloggers, Influencers, Sales Professionals, College Students & Professors, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, to mention a few.

Expand your business opportunities at the 3D Virtual Networking & EXPO Center!

Find digital solutions and network with peers & potential clients in one place! The 3D Virtual EXPO will include companies and startups who offer products, services, or apps for the local market. If you are looking for media monitoring services, programmatic solutions, digital agencies, tech companies, research companies, new technologies, audiovisual services, media alternatives, telecommunication, and Internet providers, among others, this is the place to be.

Round Virtual Booth Space models 1-2:

Investment includes booth space preferred location at the Networking and Expo Center for 2 days (May 12-13) with various branding areas, video link & chatbot (virtual promoter), plus 1 all access pass to the event’s 3D Virtual Platform. We Connect customizes your booth, due date for images & videos: April 20, 2021.

Virtual Booth Space models 3-6:

Investment includes booth space at the Networking & Expo Center for 2 days (May 12-13) with various branding areas, video link & chatbot (virtual promoter), plus 1 all access pass to the event’s 3D Virtual Platform. We Connect customizes your booth, due date for images & videos: April 20,2021.

Lobby Stand Space:

Investment includes stand space with 2 branding areas, chatbot (virtual promoter) plus 1 all access pass to the event’s 3D Virtual Platform. We Connect customizes your stand, due date for images & videos: April 20,2021. Stand will be located on the SME Digital Forum’s Lobby on May 11th only, that is the day participants will create their Avatars and interact in the Lobby… you will have a captive audience.


  • Opportunity to showcase your products or services at the Networking & Expo Center to all participants.
  • No additional costs for setup, goodies & promoters
  • Post event, analytics of your booth’s visits

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Organized by the Puerto Rico Sales & Marketing Executives Association, this is the largest and most relevant event about Digital Marketing, Advertising & Innovation in the Region. You will have access to top-notch speakers, as well as the key findings of the 2021 Puerto Rico Digital Trends Study. Expand your business opportunities at the Virtual Networking & Expo Center and find out who are the 2021 winners of the SME Digital Awards.

For more details about the 2021 SME Digital Forum



Through the SME Digital Awards, the Puerto Rico Sales and Marketing Executives Association recognizes best in class technology-based strategies and campaigns developed in Puerto Rico for local and International markets. On a yearly basis, the committee reviews the guidelines in order to incorporate new areas. For 2021, both local campaigns and campaigns developed for international markets, can compete across all the categories:

  • Best 360⁰ Campaign
  • Best Social Media Campaign
  • Best Social Responsibility Campaign
  • Best Online Promotion
  • Best Mobile Execution
  • Best UI and/or UX Designs
  • Best Video Execution
  • Best use of Data
  • Best use of Content Marketing
  • Best use of Influencer Marketing - New
  • Best Innovative Business Transformation - New


The SME Digital Awards are open to all local organizations and individuals such as: startups, technical platforms design firms, digital and advertising agencies, publishers, and brands involved in the process of developing marketing, advertising or public relations campaigns running during the qualifying periods of January to December 2019 and January to December 2020. Campaigns or projects that started at the end of 2020 can provide results up to February 2021. If it began in January 2021 save it for 2022! Adaptations of Global Campaigns cannot be submitted.